Group photo - Jussi, Janne, Sari, Sini, Pia

People first

iloom is a culture analytics company.

The wisdom of leaders is challenged by the wisdom of the crowd. The most important part of information – subjective thoughts and shared realities – often get lost in data.

iloom was established in 2017 to challenge the way organizations and communities are lead today. We are passionate about linguistics, behavioral sciences, artificial intelligence and qualitative data.

We aim to bring power to the people  and support democracy by listening to the voices of everyone. Natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) transmit meaning beyond words, bringing insights and enlightening what unites us, rather than what separates us. We're serious about our ethical responsibility towards our customers, individuals working in customer organizations and the society as a whole. Our company has been built on top of the principles set in the UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 and are taking part in the Ethics Challenge by AI Finland. We're participating in and funded by Business Finland's AI Business program.

Sini Vikkula

Sini Vikkula
Chief Experience Officer, co-founder
+358 40 736 2011


Sari Siikasalmi

Sari Siikasalmi
Chief Innovation Officer, co-founder
+358 50 352 1073

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Janne Korpi

Janne Korpi
Chief Analytics Officer, partner
+358 50 337 6433

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Jussi Nuortimo

Jussi Nuortimo
Head of Dialogue
+358 40 703 7090

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Jari Aalto-Setälä
entrepreneur, marketing guru / linkedin

Pia Erkinheimo
angel investor, director at Vake / linkedin

Kalle Laine

Paul Blomstedt
postdoctoral researcher, Helsinki Institute for Information Technology / linkedin