What drives your people?
Do you share the same reality?

Explore your culture


What do customers really think?
Do you see what your customers see?

Define your identity

Wordloom® analyses the natural language your employees or customers use. It finds the shared thoughts and experiences and reveals the genuine culture behind words. We bring easy-to-share insight to decision makers to make your strategy and vision come true.

Wordloom® uses machine learning and network analysis to structure and visualise data, making it measurable, visible and actionable.

Let people speak up, understand their thoughts and transform the insights into actions - go beyond words and build on shared reality.

We make words measurable, visible and actionable.

We have helped organisations both in the public and private sectors.

Employee experience
Strategy vs organisational culture – monitoring the adoption of the new strategy

A Nordic, stock-listed telecom company has created a new sales strategy and wants to know how people have perceived and adopted it. Wordloom® is used recurringly for understanding and visualising the change in their culture. As a result, the management team is getting a clear vision of strengths and weaknesses of the status quo compared to the planned strategic actions.

Customer experience /
Deep analysis of customer feedback

A company in the travel industry made some major changes in their service and pricing, and got lot of feedback, both positive and negative. The feedback was analysed and visualised with Wordloom®. As a result, the management team got an insight from all the feedback, with  the most commonly shared opinions, an analysis showing how things were related to one another, and why customers were satisfied or dissatisfied.

Do you see what others see?
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Are you interested in using Wordloom® as a part of your services?

Our partners have different backgrounds such as strategy and change consulting, HR professionals, martech, research and market information. We work with organisations who want to gather insight from substantial amounts of qualitative data.

We offer volume licensing and certification training for Wordloom® - drop us a line and let's talk!

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Interested? Let's do a pilot!

We can work with data you already have, or work with you in identifying interesting data sources. We work with a variety of data sources, like messages from co-working platforms, discussion boards, created targeted surveys and social media. We can even set up a speech-to-text pipeline to put your recorded spoken data to use.


As an output you’ll get 

  • Language-based data collection, analysis and insights
  • A visual report with interpretations
  • Quantitative, visual meta-analysis of your data
  • Practical and actionable recommendations for decision-makers


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