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We have helped organisations both in the public and private sectors

to analyse customer experience, brand perception, campaign impact, strategy and change, employee experience and  values and culture.


Company culture research


A global, stock-listed company wanted to get a better understanding of their organizational values and culture.


Wärtsilä used Wordloom®-reasearch to evaluate the open-ended question answers in their internal personnel surveys. Research was conducted in 19 different languages.


The results showed clearly why and how various business units differed from one another in the basic assumptions of what is important at work, and why. This helped in both communicating better (internal comms strategy) and deciding what kind of support each unit needed.

Finnish Prime Minister's Office

Public opinion and shared experiences


In adopting its plan to lift COVID-19 restrictions, The Prime Minister’s Office organised a consultation round from all members of the public to hear people’s opinions on restrictions, aftercare and re-construction of the society. The aim was to ensure the openness and transparency of the political process through communication and engagement with the citizens.


As a part of research by Kantar TNS Oy, iloom conducted a Wordloom®-reasearch to identify respondents’ priorities and shared experiences. This insight, combined with quantitative measures, was used in formulating the Government’s exit plan.


Based on the results, the Government made several clarifications to its exit plan. By collecting and analysing the open responses of the public, it was possible to hear the voice of the citizens . The qualitative analysis did not only correspond with the quantitative ones but also allowed for more in-depth/actionable knowledge of the public sentiment.

UTG Mixing Group

Integrated brand renewal


A brand and stakeholder research for Uutechnic Group, Helsinki stock exchange listed, global industrial mixing technology company. Company has sites in Finland and Germany and retailers all around the world.


Wordloom® brand and stakeholder research was carried out for employees in Finland and Germany, also combining views from existing customer and retailer feedback in three languages (Finnish, German and English).  Result workshops were held with board of directors.

Brand and communication strategy consisted of three workshops and global brand positioning (in collaboration with Helsinki14 marketing collective).


Traditional entrepreneurial led company found the real competition factors with Wordloom®-research.  Total brand renewal was conducted based on findings and the company name was changed to UTG Mixing Group.

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